the ZEFerence!

Cynthia Hultberg
Master Color Expert/Co-Owner
Cynthia’s true love is color. A 35-year veteran
of the industry, she is a hair-color expert and
is passionate about teaching fellow stylists the color technique of Balayage.

Jennifer Twohig-Williams
Master Stylist/Co-Owner
Jennifer loves all things hair. A professional
for 21 years, she has specialized skills in
hair color, razor cuts and is a certified
specialist in curly/multi-textured hair.

Our Zef-history
Our story is unique. We began working together in 2012, became fast friends, and soon discovered our mutual passion and vision for the hair industry. We talked about someday owning a business together, a place that would reflect our passion and that would be a space for constant learning and creating. After enjoying success on separate career paths, we came together to create ZEF Color Society. We commemorated our shared October 29th birthdays with color-wheel tattoos, a design that became a bond of our friendship and the inspiration for the Zef Color Society logo.

Our ZEF Team

Carrie Eibl

Lead Stylist

Carrie is a 23-year veteran whose specialties include advanced cutting and coloring techniques. She has studied with Martin Parsons, who is known for the classic arts of upstyling and elegance; and Nick Arrojo who worked as a stylist for Vidal Sassoon, Wella International, and Bumble & Bumble before starting his own NYC studio. Carrie has also taken Wahl Clipper cutting class in NYC.

Taylor (T.K.) Kimmy 

Protege Stylist

Taylor graduated from high school with her cosmetology degree and jumped right into the hair industry. She is passionate about the hair industry and works hard to excel at her craft. Taylor loves the modern technique of Balayage and has worked closely with Cynthia to perfect her craft.

Jacey Arquitt


Jacey is the newest addition to the ZEF team. She recently graduated high school and is working as an assistant to become a protege stylist. She is working closely with Jennifer on the craft of curly cutting and  coloring.

Amber Chaffee

Brows and Eyelashes are Amber's specialty. She can create the perfect brow shape for you. She is training in advanced techniques for eyebrows and eyelashes. Her menu will include Brow Lamination, Henna Brows, Eyelash extensions, lifts and more.

Stephanie Foust

Studio Coordinator 

Stephanie was with Jennifer for two years before joining the ZEF Color Society team. She loves being in the salon environment and working with people. Though she had planned to attend cosmetology school, life took her in another direction. Stephanie is a 3-year cancer survivor and an incredibly strong woman.

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